Número 38 (inglés)




• Ananjeva, N. & Orlov, N.: Lizards of North Eurasia
• Bruse, F.: Breeding Cockroaches – Shelfordella tartara
• Bruse, F.: Breeding Crickets for Prey
• Bruse, F.: Breeding Fruit Flies
• Bruse, F. & Werning, H.: Invertebrate Prey for Terrarium Animals
• Carnovale, A.: Keeping and Breeding the Argentine Tortoise, Chelonoidis chilensis
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction No. 12 – Jamaican Giant Galliwasp
• Klarsfeld, J. D. & Diaz-Figueroa, O.: Pogona henrylawsoni. Ecology, Medical Findings, Captive Maintenance, and Breeding of the Lawson’s Dragon
Kok, P. J., Bourne, G. R., Arjoon, D. Wulff, N. M. & Lenglet, G. L.: Colostethus beebei. Charismatic Jewel of the Lost World: The Golden Rocket Frog – See Free PDF Article
• Monzel, M.: A Snake with Many Faces: Boa constrictor Variability and Subspecies Differentiation
• Timms, J.: Hypnale hypnale. The Indian Humpnose Viper
• Troiano, J. C.: Reptilian Hematology
• BOOK REVIEWS: Biology, Husbandry, and Medicine of the Green Iguana. Jacobson, E. R.
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster – Pantherophis guttatus
McCord, W. P., Joseph-Ouni, M. & Tabaka, C.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 18 – African Hinge-Back Tortoises – See Free PDF Article



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