Rattlesnake Adventures


Rattlesnakes Adventures: Hunting with the Oldtimers offers the amateur and the professional herpetelogist an opportunity to relieve the hunts and retrace the footsteps of Raymond Ditmars, Carl Kauffeld and others in their pursuit of Eastern rattlesnakes: timbers E. diamondbacks, canebrakes, and massasaugas.

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Love them or hate them, rattlesnakes fascinate us. Rattlesnake Adventures: Hunting with the Oldtimers has compiled under a single cover many of the best stories of rattlesnake hunters in pursuit of Eastern diamondback, timber and massasauga rattlesnakes. Many of these stories are plucked from obscure books long out of print that are becoming scarce. Snake lovers and hunters crave the adventures of other herpers. Field guides are helpful but lack excitement. Rattlesnake Adventures. presents tales by Ditmars, Kauffeld, Scoville, Teale, and Rutledge and also includes stories from the new oldtimers, Richard Bartlett, Ted Levin, Frank Weed, Ed Brown, and the editor John Kemnitzer Jr.



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