Number 37 (English)




Barone, S.: Giants Snakes of Bygone Days. A collector’s Selection of Old Postcards, Prints and Photographs – See Free PDF Article
• Devaux, B.: Centrochelys sulcata, The Tortoise that Weeps
• Devaux, B.: Dipsochelys elephantina, The Giant Tortoise of the Indian Ocean
• Donovan, P.: Assassin Bugs in the Terrarium
• Gerlach, J.: Conservation of Seychelles Giant Tortoises
• Hill, W.: Giant Tortoises of the Galápagos Islands
• Hribal, J. & Holanova, V.: Litoria infrafrenata, The Giant Tree Frog
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction No. 11 – Rodrigues Giant Tortoise
• Lima, R.: Coleodactylus natalensis, The Natal Pigmy Gecko
• Márquez, C., Snell, H. & Snell, H.: Geochelone nigra vandenburghi. La Niña, El Niño, and the Giant Tortoises of Isabela
• McCord, W. P., Joseph-Ouni, M. & Bour, R.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 17 – Eastern and Southern African Mud Turtles
• Valverde, J.: Giant Tortoises
• BOOK REVIEWS: Live Food. Bruse, F., Meyer, M. & Schmidt, W.; Giant Tortoises of the Indian Ocean. Gerlach, J.
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster – Agalychnis callidryas



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