Number 27 (English)




• Barone, S.: Python sebae: The African Rock Python not a lap dog
• Bellosa, H.: Record Snake Fascination
• Coote, J.: Goings On in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, in the Late 1800s
• Franz, V.: Pythons of the World
• Henkel, F.-W.: Herpetological Expedition Through Oman
• Jones, T.: Tools of the Trade
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction No. 1: Cuora yunnanensis
• Klarsfeld, J. D.: The Giant Ground Gecko, Chondrodactylus angulifer
• McCord, W. P., Cann, J. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: A Taxonomic Assessment of Emydura with Descriptions of New Subspecies from Queensland, Australia
• McCord, W. P., Joseph-Ouni, M. & Cann, J.: Chelonians Illustrations No. 7: Short-Neck, Western Swamp, and Pig-Nose Turtles from Australia and New Guinea
• Sanz, A. & Valverde, F. J.: Veterinary – Reptile Reproduction. Part III: Incubation of eggs
• Staniszewski, M. S.: Field Trip to Japan. Part III: Mosquitoes, Biting Snakes, and rare Salamanders in Kyushu
Taylor, J. F.: Genus Tupinambis, the Tegus – See Free PDF Article
• Werning, H.: Index of Species and Poster – Gastrotheca riobambae



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